Lisa Cain (Hammerman) is an accomplished visual artist, illustrator and educator. She has expertise in:

- Portraiture

- Illustration (in a wide variety of styles including comics), working with classic techniques or digitally

- Fine art paintings in oil, acrylic, silk painting, focusing primarily on landscape painting and interiors

- Judaica on silk (hallah covers)

- Specially crafted pictures for children's gifts and murals for children's rooms

- Teaching drawing and painting skills to people of all ages, with concentration on the gifted and bagrut preparation

Lisa was born in the US, in Boston, Massachusetts. She showed a gift for visual arts very early in her life, and it has remained her main passion and focus since. Her high school education included two summer school courses at the Boston University School of Fine Arts. She went on to complete her undergraduate degree at Brandeis University, magna cum laude with a major in Fine Arts in an accelerated three years, and then spent another three years at the University of Pennsylvania, completing a Master of Fine Arts degree. During that time, she was awarded scholarships to Yale University Summer School of Music and Art, and Skowhegan Summer School of Art.

On New Year’s day, 1979, her father suddenly passed away, and feeling “unanchored” and at sea, she spent the following summer volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel and touring the Holy Land. Within a week of being in Israel it became clear that she had one imperative only, and that was to make Aliyah, which she did the following summer, on 1 June, 1980.

Since making Aliyah, Lisa has lived a rich and interesting life, spanning years of productive work as an artist and illustrator and as a teacher in many different schools, including several centres for gifted children. She has managed to marry three times, adopt an infant who is now a mother, give birth to a miracle daughter at age 51, foster five children, and fill her home and yard with cats, dogs, and ducks (the mice do not count).

She has perfected techniques for teaching drawing and painting, particularly to those who have previously doubted that they had any ability.

She also works professionally as an illustrator, portrait artist, and creator of Judaica painted on silk.

Her great desire, after years as a teacher, a mother, and a foster mother of young children, is to return to the easel and rejoin the journey which she had begun years before, of looking within for her painterly voice, and painting on canvas and silk once again, as well as illustrating books and comic pages with classic and digital techniques.


Lisa Cain Hammerman