The work in this gallery are for sale at very modest prices, in order to make room for newer work. The shipping and handling are separately priced, according to size and method of transport. You may also arrange to take the work home directly from the artist.

all smaller works on paper (including etchings): $50 each

all paintings on silk: $100 each

all larger works on paper: $75 each

all smaller oils: $50 each

all medium sized oils (from 50cm to 100 cm on longest side): $100 each

all large oils (all are unstretched, for ease of storage and shipping): $500 each… truly a rock bottom price!

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You may commission the artist to do artwork on a personalised basis. The artist works by the hour, with one hour being the minimum for any piece. An estimate will be made upon receiving a brief of the work involved, as well as the urgency of the deadline, and a few other factors.

The artist reserves the right to use the artwork after its publication, solely for personal advertisement in portfolios of her work, and reserves the right to claim authorship of the work, in the final book production.

For children's pictures, the artist reserves the same rights as those who sell fine art to clients.

one hour of work is $45, or ₪150, payable to the account of the artist.

Normally, a black and white or monochrome drawing will take one hour, whereas a colour illustration will take a minimum of two hours. Both depend on the level of complexity of the image.

The procedure is, that the author or publisher sends the artist a brief, describing the text, the image desired, and the size of the image. A sketch will be prepared for approval (on the clock), and the artist will proceed to create the final draught.

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As with all commissions, the rate for the work is per hour, and depending on the mediums used, they are either one or two hours’ minimum.

A black and white portrait on a page up to 30x50 cm will take between 1-2 hours, and cost between $45 and $90.

A colour portrait with coloured pencils or watercolours on a page up to 30x50 cm will take between 2-4 hours, and cost between $90 and $180.

A colour portrait in oils up to 50x70 cm will take up to ten hours and cost $400.

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Stock pictures may be rented, for a one time use only. The cost for each picture is $25.

The artist retains all creative rights to the image.

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Prices and Fees

Lisa Cain Hammerman